Warren Buffett’s Unique Habits With Wealth Reach USD 89.2 Billion


One successful successor in the world has unique habits that are rarely owned by other entrepreneurs in general. Based on information from Forbes, Warren Buffett’s wealth reached USD 89.2 billion. As one of the richest figures in the investment world, Warren is reluctant to use smartphones as a communication tool. In fact, he also wears Made in China clothes compared to ordering from famous fashion houses.

There are some Warren Buffett habits that make other entrepreneurs wonder. He refused several times to enter luxury golf clubs. In addition, Buffett also only uses Cadillac XTS cars at a price of USD 45,000. These cars are simple in the United States.

The closest people revealed that Buffett had sent one email in his life, even though he was a big investor from Apple and Microsoft companies. Buffet is better known as a person who likes to read books. Because when he is in his office there will be many books piled up on his desk.

The marriage performed by Buffett is also quite simple. There are no special invitations and venues infamous buildings. Buffett’s wedding was only attended by his closest relatives and was held at his daughter’s house.

Please note that Warren Buffett is a good friend of Bill Gates, and both of them are the spearhead that invites world billionaires to donate their property. Buffett even promised when he died later, he wanted to donate a majority of his property for philanthropic purposes.

In July, Warren Buffett contributed a total of USD 3.4 billion in shares to five foundations. The biggest contribution was given to the Gates Foundation owned by Bill Gates and his wife. Reported by Reuters, there was a Buffett in the form of 17.7 million shares of Berkshire Hathway for USD 192 per share.


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