Changing the Dreams of a Million Dollars into Reality from Merry Riana

Bamz Ola
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Who doesn’t know a successful billionaire Merry Riana, a young Indonesian motivator who has managed to spit out a million dollars dream come true. Merry was born in Jakarta on May 29, 1980. The oldest child of the couple Ir. This Suanto Sosro Saputro and Lyanda Sanian studied higher education at Trisakti University, Jakarta.

But his parents decided to move Merry to Singapore for some time. A career in Singapore is not as easy as imagined. The money taken was apparently not enough to meet the needs of everyday life.

Not thinking, Merry finally joined an education loan program at Nanyang Technology University. The high cost of living in Singapore makes Merry work as a person who distributes brochures and sales.

After completing his education, Merry was determined to pay off his education loan and be free of finance before the age of 30 years. Merry decided to become an insurance product salesperson in Singapore. His career journey is not easy. From starting to look for prospective clients to offer products to pedestrians.

Although quite heavy, Merry finally served as manager. Success in marketing insurance products brings Merry to become a young person who has a large income. The income earned is able to pay off an education loan and make it financially free before the age of 30 years.

Today Merry has become a successful billionaire and is a motivator. According to him, to achieve success one must dare to dream. In addition, the first step to running a business is also very important for success. Merry added that daring to start was the beginning of everything.

To achieve success, don’t be afraid to fail. Just as heat the beginning worked as a salesperson, Merry earned billions in income and bonuses. He used the amount of money to pay off debts and set up his own agency and financial consultant office.

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