Bad Bill Gates Habits Before Success

Bamz Ola
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Suskes like Bill Gates turned out to have bad habits that must be overcome. Even Bill Gates once got a C for one of the subjects. Before turning Microsoft into a giant global company, Gates missed many things.

Before founding Microsoft, Gates was a teenager obsessed with technology at Lakeside School. Gates once revealed that the school made him like computers. He was familiar with a computer from a teletype that was connected via a telephony channel with GE’s time-sharing computer.

According to him the machine changed Gates’s life course and made him spend time in school by studying computers, hacking, and coding. He has a friend named Allen who both likes the world of technology.

Even though Gates has now made Microsoft the world’s giant company, he admitted that there are still many bad things he has to date. One of them is Gates claimed to be a procrastinator.

Since college, Gates has often attended college assignments. In fact, he had dropped out of college for two years. Gates claimed he did not like showing others that he was diligent or working. While in college Gates rarely went to class and he didn’t care about courses.

At the last minute, Gates only needed two days before the exam. It took several years to get rid of that bad habit when running a business. Gates also revealed that he is a person who likes to read, and he uses it when given time before undergoing a test. With this strategy Gates claimed to get an A or value to be proud of.

Gates admitted that entering the industry was a serious choice. So that bad habits must be eliminated. Gates claimed that he no longer waited until the final minutes to complete an important task.

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