4 Bill Gates Selected Books for the End of Year Vacation

Bamz Ola
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Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. His wealth comes from the largest software in the world, namely Microsoft. The 63-year-old man currently has a net worth of US $ 93.6 billion.

Many people are inspired by Gates’ success. According to him, one of the things that made him successful was Buku. Crazy Rich the world is very fond of reading books and the habit is worth imitating in order to broaden everyone’s horizons and knowledge.

Gates likes to buy and read books while on vacation. When you are looking for ideas to spend vacation time, here are some books that Gates likes and can spend vacation time at the end of the year.

The first is “Educated” written by Tara Westover. Tara didn’t go to school or visit a doctor until she left home. The book contains the story of his life starting from a household environment that survives in Mormon.

Next is “Army of None” written by Paul Scharee. In the book discussed about autonomous weapons is not the most appropriate thing for vacation time, but the thought of artificial intelligence in war is difficult to reject.

Scharee’s discussion was quite complicated, but Scharee offered a clear explanation and presented the pros and cons of machine-driven warfare.

Third, “Bad Blood” was written by John Carreyrou. In the book, Carreyrou gave an in-depth view of the rise and fall of Treranos. The story is even wider than expected. The book contains discussions about complicated fraud, company intrigue, magazine cover stories, broken family relationships, and the death of a company that was once valued at nearly US $ 10 billion.

The last book was “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” written by Yuval Noah Harai. While Sapiens and Homo Deus cover their past and future. If 2018 has overwhelmed you with the state of the world, then 21 lessons from this book offer a useful framework for processing news and thinking about the challenges faced.

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