Dream of Singapore’s Best Young Entrepreneurs

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Leonard Tan Khang Hwee is a young Singaporean businessman who has founded PurpleClick Media. Tan is the only one in Southeast Asia that is recognized by Google, Yahoo, and Baidu.

The man born on August 3, 1978, was nominated by Bloomberg Businessweek to be one of the “Asia’s top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs”. This is because Tan has an entrepreneurial vision, creativity, and the ability to face challenges with innovative solutions.

Tan was born from a modest family of Chinese descent from Singapore. Remembering his simple family made him always work hard at work. Since he was in elementary school, he has been selling for extra pocket money. He sold erasers while still in school.

Tan’s first experience in business was when he took business studies at the National University of Singapore. From college, he was busy running his business to the point of disrupting his studies.

Tan rarely goes to college because he is more focused on doing business. The business that is run is a financial consultant or tuition consultation. These young entrepreneurs match those who have bad grades and students who want more money.

Several years later Tan was interested in continuing his studies in technology. Finally, he had about the department that discussed e-commerce, namely on Chicago in 2002-2004. Tan studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and majored in the Master of Commerce in eCommerce.

Tan’s Entrepreneurship spirit is very strong and inherent even though he is still in the country. He then decided to work on another business there. He sells textbooks 50% cheaper than the new price. Tan came to students who did not need his old book and then sold it to eBay and Amazon.

But when he returned to Singapore, Tan actually had many obstacles. When he applied for a job, many companies were insecure about their education. Those khawatur Tan will be too qualified by their business now.

Sometime later Tan worked at Yahoo as a sales to offer credit cards from house to house. But the work did not last long because he chose to go out and continue his old business.

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