Bill Drayton, Father of World Social Entrepreneurship

Bamz Ola
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When we saw his thin body, we certainly imagined he could easily fall in the wind. However, his character turned out to be very contrary to his physical appearance. Many people describe the man as a man who has perseverance like Steve Jobs and a Nobel laureate.

Intelligence is evident from his success in gaining academic titles from various universities including a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 1965, a master’s degree at Harvard University in 1967, and a doctorate at Yale University in 1970.

He is Bill Drayton, the main figure who popularized the word social entrepreneurship throughout the world. The word was popularized through the Ashoka Foundation organization. He founded the organization for entrepreneurs around the world. No wonder many people have dubbed Bill Drayton as the Father of World Social Entrepreneurship.

The spirit carried by Bill Drayton had actually been cultivated since childhood. When he was in elementary school, Bill made regular school newspapers that voiced various thoughts. When he was in high school, Bill founded an organization called the Asia Society. Bill’s concern in the Asian region was influenced by the gap between people in the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth.

While studying at Harvard, Bill founded Ashoka Table. Then while studying at Yale University, he founded the legislature. This makes one-third of the University students who have graduated participate in discussions with policy makers to find out the ISO that has been resolved by the government.

As a multidisciplinary graduate in economics, law and management from the world’s best universities, Bill Drayton has many opportunities to work in various institutions that are world-renowned. From the institution, Bill got a lot of innovation and transformation that showed the quality of himself as an intrapreneur.

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