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Bamz Ola
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Productive life is not only about what you will do, but also about what you will not do. This was revealed by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. He already has a list that will be applied in his life about what will be done and what will not be done.

According to Dorsey, in life, there must be a priority list for a better life. Dorsey decided to meditate, read the best non-fiction books, consider Twitter metrics and write about his dining experience through Caviar, which is a Square delivery platform he bought in 2014.

Some lists that will not be done are drinking alcohol. In his Twitter account, Dorsey commented that “Every morning I write a list of tasks that I will do today, and things I will not do that day.”

According to Dorsey, this can make him focus more on living life and becoming more organized. Next, before going to bed Dorsey reread the list that was not done.

According to the author of the book Kevin Kruse, the list that must be done is often a bad thing because they cannot distinguish between urgent and important needs. The list also does not often include activities that can interfere with your time. As a result, is lists for things that are done do not fully reflect your decisions on everyday life to move forward.

Jack Dorsey’s time management list shows that he is intentional and aware of what he is doing and will not succeed, can help take control and manage the day well.

According to Jack Dorsey, the list will not do generally more important than the list is done. Setting intention not to work will give clearer space for thinking and working, and less reactive.

Many items on the time management list have become routine parts like milder like Jack Dorsey.

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