List of Billionaire Worlds Rich Dai Digital Currencies

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Digital currency has been discussed a lot since the last few years. Especially after the emergence of Bitcoin which has been shocking because the value reached hundreds of millions. Some time ago Forbes released a list of rich billionaires from the world’s digital currencies.

This shows that digital currencies can be a medium of exchange in the future. Here’s the Forbes list.

Chris Larsen

Larsen is the chief executive and former CEO of Ripple, an international company that facilitates payments to banks using blockchain technology. Larsen has a wealth of USD7.5 – 8 billion. The Ripple itself controls more than USD95 billion.

Joseph Lubin

The next billionaire is Joseph Lubin. Lubin used to be part of Goldman Sachs executives. He has established the blockchain platform Ethereum. In addition, he founded Consensus, which has branches in 28 countries and helped launch cryptocurrency. This 53-year-old man has a wealth of up to USD1-5 billion.

Changpeng Zhao

Zangpeng only takes seven months to become a world billionaire. He successfully ran the digital currency exchange business, Binance. Binance users have reached 6 million. The business it operates is in three countries far from the anti-virtual currency regulation. According to Forbes data Changpeng Zhao’s wealth reached USD1.1 – 2 billion.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

These two twins have a wealth of USD900-1 billion. They became one of the most successful business people in America. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had time to buy Bitcoin while still in its early popularity in 2012. Currently, they have a digital currency exchange business in New York.

Matthew Mellon

Mellon’s wealth reaches USD 900-1 billion. Mellon is an individual who is determined to buy digital currency many years ago even though his family and friends warned him. Mellon is one of the earliest investors in XRP, a token issued by Ripple.

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