List of the Most Generous Billionaires in the World

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Being a successful person and living in wealth is certainly wanted by everyone. A luxurious life for most people is a happy thing. Despite having abundant wealth, the milarders certainly do not forget the rights for those who lack.

World billionaires often donate their property to foundations in need. The amount of donation is certainly not small because of the wealth that it has, the billionaires can do anything.

Here are the world’s billionaires who often share their property for those in need.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the boss of Microsoft and has donated his fortune to reach US $ 27 billion. According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates’s total assets reached US $ 90 billion and set a generous index of 32%.

Bill Gates is currently focusing on charity activities by building the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation provides grants to the world that focus on emergency assistance, agriculture, libraries, poverty, health, and education.

Warren Buffett

The billionaire next who is willing to donate his money is Warren Buffett. He has donated his fortune of US $ 21.5 billion. Warren Buffett’s total wealth currently reaches US $ 81 billion, so the generous index is set at 35%. Warren Buffet is also famous as a rich person who likes charity.

Azim Premji

The next most generous billionaire is Azim Premji. He was noted to have donated wealth of US $ 8 billion. While its total assets reached US $ 17 billion. This makes him have a generous index of 50%.

Azim Premji is the CEO of Indian IT consulting company, Wipro. Azim also established the Azim Premji Foundation charity which focuses on school reform and system checks in India. The organization or charity has introduced a Computer Aided Learning program that has provided computer training in 18 languages.

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