Crazy Rich is Still Enthusiastic Working at the Age of 100

Bamz Ola
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Many people retire at the age of 55 and decide to enjoy life. But some crazy rich world keeps on working every day even though they are more than 80 years old. One of the worlds oldest 100-year-old crazy rich is Chang Yun Chuang.

Chang Yun Chuang is the founder of Pacific International Lines (PIL) every day going to the office to work. He became a person who did not feel at home. Even though his business was handed over to his son Teo Siong Seng, he was still enthusiastic about going to the office. Chang revealed that he was often bored if there was no activity he did.

Chang claimed to always visit Singapore’s corporate headquarters every day to carry out operations and check each department. According to him, this is a way to keep the body and mind always active and remain in touch with the company since it was built since 1967.

Chang writes every day of his activities in a diary. Every day there is always a department coming to meet him. Besides that, Chang also often guided Teo to take on his responsibilities from 20 companies and 18 thousand employees.

Teo until now still consulted with his father twice a day to gain insight and learn a lot about how to lead a company. Mentoring is still being given by Chang to Teo when leading the PIL, especially how to control himself so that he is not too carried away when running a business.

Teo also explained that when he was young he was an angry person and became a hard leader. But thanks to his father, he is now a wiser person. His father taught that if you want employees to obey you, not because of authority, strength, you need integrity and good quality.

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