Mochtar Riady Talks about Business Success

Bamz Ola
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The entrepreneur and also the founder of Lippo Group, Mochtar Riady, explained the strategy of Sun Tzu or the art of war which is the backbone of the success of developing his business to date. Businesses can be considered to be facing a war, so complete preparation is needed to win.

Movhtar revealed that out of the many preparations the most important is moral, even without morality, do not expect to win the war. In doing business, morals are very important to avoid failure.

He also applied the strategy of war in the business world with morality as long as he had a career in banking starting from Bank Panin, Bank BCA, Bank Lippo, to Nobu Bank. All businesses are played successfully and the banks are still developing today.

When he founded BCA in 1971 he thought about how to make a bank that could reduce the burden on customers. For this reason, BCA became the first bank to make it easy for its customers to get credit, withdraw funds, and other necessities.

With the development of the digital world to date, it is time to provide services by utilizing communication and information technology. Banks must expand services not only in cities but also in villages, through digital services nowadays it is possible to reach the people in the village.

Every village must be introduced to trade electronically which will certainly shorten the delivery chain of crops which ultimately improves farmers’ health.

If the farmers in the village are prosperous then they also have purchasing power as well as the population in urban areas. This is also a solution to eliminate inequality in urban and rural communities.

Mochtar also explained that the development of the Lippo business until now was also inseparable from the strategy of war that emphasized morals including caring for the surrounding community.

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