Nadiem Makarim Enter 50 Figures Inspiring Bloomberg Version

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The founder of Gojek Nadiem Makarim was included in a series of 50 inspiring figures in the 2018 version of Bloomberg. The site argues that no other application has changed life in Indonesia quickly and deeply like Gojek. From 2015 focusing on ordering motorcycle taxis (motorcycle taxis) developed into applications to pay bills, order food, and clean houses.

“The Bloomberg 50” contains famous figures in the fields of business, entertainment, finance, politics, to science and technology.

The work of Nadiem, who is now developing Gojjek to the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, made Bloomberg juxtapose his name with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, founder of Spotify Daniel Ek, Taylor Swift pop star, and Kpop BTS idol group. Citing the LinkedIn profile page, Nadiem studied undergraduate studies majoring in international relations at Brown University, United States in 2002.

Graduating in 2006, he then continued his studies taking a postgraduate degree in business at Harvard Business School in 2009. Before continuing his studies, he had worked at a multinational management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

After obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree, Nadiem held the position of Managing Director at Zalora Indonesia in 2011. At that time, Nadiem was pioneering Gojek. After 10 months in that position, Nadiem then left Zalora and served as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Kartuku.

After one year, Nadiem then resigned to focus on developing Gojek. Successfully developing Gojek, Nadiem said that success is a long learning process.

According to him, even though a startup has enough funding or quality technology products, the decision to put the right people to take care of certain things is crucial.

As businesses begin to develop, startups will think of “mathematics,” but Nadiem stresses that this must be accompanied by gratitude, and the attitude to continue learning. When asked about tips for those who want to start a startup, Nadiem mentioned three things.

“First, is” trying not to hear too many experts, including me, “Nadiem said.

“Just start first, if you don’t start, you won’t be there,” he continued. Furthermore, Nadiem advised young people not to be someone else.

“Many young people have dreams” oh I want to be like him. You actually have a greater chance of success, if you solve problems around you with action, “said Nadiem.

“Third, ask anything, don’t easily believe what others say, research, experiments, and tests,” said Nadiem.

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