Rich Way According to Chairul Tanjung

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Chairul Tanjung is one of the richest people in Indonesia. The man who was born on June 16, 1962, married Anita Ratnasari and has two children, Putri Indahsari and Rahmat Dwiputra.

Forbes issued data that Chairul Tanjung was the number 3 richest person in Indonesia. Chairul Tanjung’s wealth reaches $ 4 Billion. Chairul Tanjung and Trans Corp run media businesses such as Trans TV, Trans 7 and have acquired TelkomVision. The other businesses that Chairul Tanjung lived in were Bank Mega, Carrefour Indonesia, and Mango franchises.

To get success like now, it takes a long struggle. This success comes from hard work and unyielding spirit. His business experience has begun since he went to college. During college, he had sold books, t-shirts, and medical laboratory equipment.

Although he has been doing business since college, Chairul Tanjung often experienced failure. But this is a learning material so as not to experience the same mistakes in the future. In 1987 Chairul and three of his friends established a children’s shoe production business for export purposes.

Hard work of Cahirul Tanjung and his friends produced results. However, Chairul has a greater vision and decides to separate and start a new business.

The vision brought by Chairul Tanjung solidified his position in the three business sectors including property, finance, and multimedia. The parent of the company Chairul Tanjung is referred to as the PARA group, with subsidiaries of Para Global Investindo, Para Inti Investindo, and the Inti Propertindo.

Chairul Tanjung revealed that success is everyone’s right. According to him, success not only belongs to the rich, but success can also be achieved by anyone who wants to work hard. In addition, to achieve success, commitment is needed, including discipline, learning, and implementing plans.

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