Iwan Sunito: Business is a Tree

Bamz Ola
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Property entrepreneur Iwan Sunito has tips on success in the business world. Not only successful in Indonesia, but Iwan Sunito also entered the ranks of the 20 most influential figures in Sydney. According to him, success will be achieved if someone is focused on carrying out a job.

Iwan from the beginning did a property business in Sydney. Although over time many other businesses have been more profitable, such as technology and mining, Iwan continues to choose the property business to date.

The first thing to do when entering the business world is a focus. This was done by Iwan from the start of running a business. The focus is the absolute thing to go to success even though it often fails. When a failure occurs, the thing that needs to be done is to find a solution to the failure. So do not move directly to another business because you will start from the beginning again and the possibility of failing again will have a greater chance.

Tips for becoming the next success is to pursue things that have been focused. According to Iwan, someone must have the courage to explore the potential of the business that is being undertaken to make it stronger. Iwan likens that business is like a tree. When still young, the roots of the tree are still shallow and are indeed easy to falter. But the longer the tree will get stronger and never pull out the tree.

Then the longer the tree will be attacked by the dry season, the root of the tree will look for deeper water sources and he will get stronger. Don’t pull out the tree, because other people’s trees will benefit.

The next step to success is to follow your interests and develop talents. If someone runs a business in accordance with his passion, he will never be tired of being creative. In addition, every business also needs a superior team.

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