Soichiro Honda Founder of the World Automotive Company

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Everyone certainly knows about Honda motorcycle brands. This brand of motorbike and car has indeed become global with its marketing almost in every country in the world. Under the auspices of the Honda Motor Company, now companies based in Japan have become giant and multinational companies that have had great success.

The Honda Motor Company was founded by Soichiro Honda, a male brother who came from a poor family. Since childhood, Honda was very enthusiastic about learning machines. This can be seen from his habits that often help his father in a simple workshop.

When he was 12 years old, Honda managed to create a bicycle with a foot brake. He then moved to the city and worked at Hart Sokhai Company at the age of 15. When working, Honda always works deftly and this is liked by the company where he works.

After six years of work, Honda was given the opportunity by the company to open a branch in Hamamatsu where he lived. Without much consideration, Honda immediately accepted the offer.

When Honda was 30 years old, Honda managed to make patents on iron bars on vehicles. After success with the iron-testing business, he gets enough capital to get out of the company. Furthermore, Honda decided to make Ring Pinston products.

There are many challenges that Honda often faces in running its business. Piston Ring which he made many rejections from various companies. To find a solution to the Pinston Ring problem he made, Honda finally decided to go to college. However, even though Honda had not gotten a solution, he ended up not going to college.

The downturn came again after his piston factory caught fire and hit because of war and earthquakes. Under these conditions, Honda tried to calm down by going around the city on an elegant bicycle. But in order not to get tired of pedaling, Honda then installed a small motorbike on its bicycle so that it could run without pedaling.

This is where many people are attracted to Honda’s bicycles. Unexpectedly the orders for the motorbike are quite a lot. Orders also came from abroad and this was the beginning of the Honda company to become the world’s automotive giant.

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