Theresa May Receives Support for the Draft Brexit Agreement

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has won support from senior ministers in connection with the drafting of a European Union secession agreement. With this support, May got a fresh air of efforts to get approval from parliament.

After more than two years after the British people voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, May said he had united the cabinet which had split. Including some seniors who pushed Brexit.

May added that the collective decision taken by the cabinet was that the government must approve the agreement.

In connection with the rampant demonstrations which declared anti-Brexit slogans not far from the residence on Downing Street, he said the draft agreement which reached a thickness of 585 pages was the best negotiable option.

No minister reportedly threatened to resign over the agreement. This will certainly satisfy both the Brexit voters and supporters of the European Union by ensuring that close ties with the region after Britain broke away since March 29.

But British leaders referred to as the weakest in this generation face the challenge of pushing for agreements agreed to by parliament. Where political opponents are expected to reject the agreement proposal, even before reading it.

Brexit is considered to be pushing the country with the fifth largest economy in the world into obscurity. Many are worried about the move because it will divide the western bloc because it will be at odds with the United States led by Donald Trump and increasing tensions with Russia and China.

Brexit supporters acknowledged there was a possibility of negative short-term effects for the UK economy which reached USD $ 2.9 trillion. Particularly related to the impact of the agreement which would limit UK country access to European Union countries.

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