The Story of Bukalapak’s CEO Who Has Been Banked Selling Chicken Noodles

Bamz Ola
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Bukalapak is currently one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia. The journey of the founder of Bukalapak Achmad Zaky to success until now is not easy and requires a long journey. He must fall to wake up in order to reach his dream.

Zaky said that if he needed a lot of time to succeed. Hard work and determination must also be instilled in Zaky so that his dreams come true. Before succeeding in making e-commerce, Zaky had tried to open a business selling chicken noodles during college.

The 32-year-old man spends a lot of money from his savings to sell chicken noodles but ends up bankrupt. His efforts did not go smoothly and caused Zaky not to continue selling chicken noodles.

Learning from the experience of his failure, Zaky can actually build a business that is now becoming big. According to him, God will certainly provide the best way for his people who want to learn seriously and want to work hard. Zaky even mentioned that the failure was a very powerful process and was always remembered in his head so it was necessary to work hard so that the failure would not be experienced again.

In addition, Zaky once admitted to being embarrassed because he could not speak English. Zaky also felt afraid to join the organization because he was not confident. But all the shortcomings try to be resisted and produce results because then he has a different experience.

Zaky advises young people to be able to run a business. In addition to experience, running a business also requires intention and determination to do that. In today’s digital era young people must be more creative and innovative. Creative and innovative young people will certainly have greater opportunities to achieve success and not be outdated.

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