Jeff Bezos Donates US $ 2 Billion for Homeless People


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donated US $ 2 billion to a charity fund founded to help homeless people. In addition, these donations are also used to build new school networks.

The richest person in the world announced this step in a tweet saying that the donation was called the Day One Fund. Bezos’s wealth reaches more than US $ 164 billion. Previously, Bezos was criticized because he rarely did philanthropic work.

Criticism is also often directed towards Bezos from internet users. But Bezos explained that “Bezos Day One Fund” will later contribute to non-profit organizations that will help homeless families and can fund new preschool networks, as well as for low-income communities.

Funds will be shared between the Day 1 Families Fund and Day 1 Academies Fund funds. Day 1 Families will release an annual leadership award to organizations and civic groups that have done a good job and are moving to provide protection support for people who are starving.

While Day 1 Academies Fund aims to launch and operate high-quality scholarship networks. The scholarship is intended for people who have low income.

At present, the company which was founded in 1994 is the second largest stock market company worth US $ 1 trillion. Previously Apple had reached this position.

World billionaires often donate their wealth to various foundations or to humanity. Besides Bezos, billionaires like Bill Gates have also contributed their fortune to various charitable foundations. In addition, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook has promised to donate 99% of his shares on Facebook for organizations that focus on the public good.

Alleviating poverty and providing charity for humanity is indeed done by many world billionaire princes who have fantastic wealth and are included in the list of the richest people in the world.


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