After The Term Ends, Chancellor Angela Merkel Will Withdraw from Politics

Bamz Ola
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was reportedly not going to run again as General Chair of CDU and Chancellor of Germany. He will also resign from the German parliament of the Bundestag.

After drawing heavy criticism after the election in the state of Hesse, German Chancellor Angela Merkel now said she would not run again as CDU Chairperson in the party congress in December.

To the ranks of the party leadership, Merkel also said that he would not run again as Chancellor and would resign from his position in the Bundestag’s German parliament at the end of his legislative period. But the party insists, Merkel will complete his term as Chancellor and will not retreat in the middle of the road.

The latest poll in the state of Hesse showed that the election results were greatly influenced by the conditions of the coalition government in Berlin. The majority of voters in Hessen, for example, say they are satisfied with the performance of the coalition government between CDU and the Greens, in the state. But they turned away from CDU for “wanting to warn Berlin”.

Merkel himself some time ago still hinted that he would advance as a candidate for the CDU Chairperson in the party congress next December. But the overwhelming decline in the CDU party’s vote in the Hessen state election sparked intense criticism in the party’s internal circles.

Many CDU members demanded that Merkel immediately find a replacement to smooth the succession at the top of the Christian Democrats, which until now remain the largest political force in Germany.

Merkel’s resignation from the position of Chair of the CDU in the near future, will make the condition of the government in Berlin increasingly frantic. The SPD party itself has experienced a leadership crisis after continuing to decline its vote in elections in a number of German states.

For the upcoming party congress in December, several CDU figures have indicated that they will advance to run, to replace Angela Merkel’s position as chairman. These include the Secretary General of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Minister of Health, Jens Spahn and former chairman of the CDU faction, Friedrich Merz, who Merkel once removed from important positions in the CDU.

In elections in the state of Hesse last Sunday, the SPD even dropped to the top three, followed by the Green Party which won a sensational victory and is now the second largest power in Hessen. SPD Chairman Andrea Nahles rejected the discussion regarding his position and said he would work more seriously in managing the coalition government in Berlin.

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