Tips for Winning Global Competition from Boss CT Corp


Chairman of Trans Corporation (Corp) Chairul Tanjung revealed that technology and innovation are important things to win current global competition. According to him, the young generation must be able to win global competition.

It needs to be understood that at present the competition in the business world is very tight so it requires strong creativity and determination to win the competition. He explained that the winners would dare to face a variety of risks. If you continue to experience difficulties, bankruptcy will occur.

Therefore, the current disruption is far superior to the disruption that occurred in the previous period between industry 1.0 to revolution 3.0. This indicates that the acceleration has been quite dramatic in the current era of disruption.

Tanjung exemplifies the BMW brand that is able to produce a market cap like today with around 60 years. On the other hand, UBER only takes 1/10 time from BMW to produce the same market cap as BMW today.

In addition, Tanjung also explained that to be a winner, hard work was needed. No need to be ashamed or hesitant when you can’t have fun. It’s better to be shy if you can have fun but can’t work hard. And past winners will choose to work hard without having fun.

Everyone has the opportunity to be a winner. The days of competition will be increasingly tight so there is no need to wait for more time to get to victory. Every individual must dare to change according to the times. If you do not want to change, the individual or a company will be protected by the times.

No matter how great someone is if they cannot keep up with the times, they will surely be left behind. They will lose to people who are creative and innovative considering technology will continue to grow.


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