Carlos Ghosn, Nissan Boss Detained in Japan

Bamz Ola
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Carlos Ghosn was once and each considered a hero in Japan. The story was even raised in the famous comic series in 2011. Ghosn entered 10 lists of foreigners who wanted the Japanese population to become their leaders.

In a national opinion trail in 2011, Carlos Ghosn was ranked 7th and defeated former US President Barack Obama who was ranked 9th. Much praise was received for Ghosn. The reason is that he has made Nissan one of the Japanese companies that survived bankruptcy.

Ghosn is a Brazilian born man of Lebanese descent. When he was little Gosn was educated at the best university in France. He began his career at the Michelin tire maker in 1978 and worked for 18 years.

He had joined Renault in 1996 and obtained assignments in the South American division. He brought radical changes in the division and brought Renault back up and gain profits. For contributions and dubbed Le Cost killer by the French public.

His reputation rose when he was responsible for purchasing 40% of Nissan’s shares by the 1999 Renault. At that time Nissan was in debt and had lost large assets for 7 consecutive years. Ghosn then restructured Nisan’s body by closing five domestic factories and laying off 21,000 jobs at the company.

Ghosn then made an agreement that allowed Renault and Nissan to collaborate and operate as if the two companies were an entity. The Nissan-Renault Alliance then expanded to include Mitsubishi in 2016. If this alliance is an entity, the combination of Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi is the world’s largest carmaker with annual sales of 10.6 million units.

In his autobiography, Ghosn revolves around he often feels different because of his multicultural background. He felt that the cultural differences he felt during growing up made him more willing to integrate themselves and understand other cultures.

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