Want to Work in Jack Ma Company? This Is The Required Criteria

Bamz Ola
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Having the right people at work is important. One successful businessman and founder of Alibaba technology giant Jack Ma take a long time to determine an effective recruitment process for his company.

At the IMF meeting in Bali which took place some time ago, Jack Ma told about his mistakes in recruiting employees at the beginning of establishing Alibaba. Then what are the criteria for employees who can work in Jack Ma’s company?

  1. Avoid “experts” and “best” people

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world with more than 80 thousand workers worldwide. To achieve this success, Jack Ma has ruled in recruiting employees, namely avoiding the “best” and “expert” people.

According to Jack Ma, he didn’t like hiring people who came as experts because there were no experts on the future, they were only experts in the past. Likewise, there is no best person, because anyone who works in your company is the best person. Jack Ma prefers people who are ready to learn and people who are not afraid to make a company.

  1. EQ & IQ

Jack Ma is known to avoid people with criteria for achievement in school. In the book “Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built”, Jack Ma prefers hiring people who don’t perform at school. According to Jack Ma, people who excel in school will be more easily frustrated if there are difficulties. Jack Ma prefers hiring people with good EQ because they can be good leaders and team members.

  1. Optimism

Jack Ma stressed optimism to establish Alibaba to become one of the largest companies in the world. According to him, having a positive outlook can help others to change challenging situations to be profitable. To become a businessman, it requires a high sense of optimism. For this reason, he stressed that employees who work with him must have a sense of optimism at work.

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